Castles & Palaces

Scotland has a rich and varied history well worth expoloring. From the Romans, Picts & celts to Highland clans and the battles for independance, we are sure that there will be something here to spark your interest & imagination.

Distance: 1hr by car

Edinburgh Castle

Why not spend the day in Edinburgh, walk the Royal Mile, tour Edinburgh castle and take a trip down the Vaults beneith the Royal Mile. Edinburgh proves a full day. For easy access why not catch the train from Gleneagles which takes you straight in to the enter of Edinburgh.

stirling castle
Distance: 20 mins by car

Stirling Castle

Sat overlooking Stirling, Stirling castle once stood as a strong hold for the "gateway to the highlands". Learn about Scottish kings & queens and the famous battles that happened in the surrounding area.

doune castle
Distance: 20 mins by car

Doune Castle

Are you a movie buff? then Doune castle is the perfect castle for you to visit. Along with its history Doune was also used as a set for many famous films and series like The Game of Thrones, Outlander, Outlaw King and even Monty Pythons The Holy Grail.

Distance: 1hr by car

Scone Palace

Scone Palace is well worth a visit. Scone being home to the Stone of Destiny and the crowning of past Kings and Queens.

Distance: 40 mins by car

Glamis Castle

Linked with the Queen mum, Glamis castle is steeped in history so why not take a visit.

Distance: 30 mins by car

Tower Trail

The tower trail is located along the A91, boasting a route full of towers to visit. Built with the aim to be in close proximity to Stirling castle for defence. While driving this trail you can also get to experience some of Scotlands smaller towns and villages like Dollar & Alva.